Project Thursday {Flower Tag}

      I'm not gonna lie - I was feeling the pressure to make a project using the flower from Mom and Dad set after seeing the rest of the Precious Remembrance design teams amazing projects using it.
     While I don't know if I'm quite up to par with them, I will admit this project is probably my favorite I've made for this blog so far. The top reason being, how many goodies I was able to stick on one tag, and the three different techniques I used here.
     First, the tag...

      So the first technique; the leaves. I got the adorable wood veneer leaves from Michaels, and smeared them with some pigment ink. To keep the ink from smearing, I coated the leaves with clear embossing powder, which gave them a nice, yummy shine.

And the last two techniques...
      For the flower itself, I used the rock-n-roll stamp technique (which is new to me) on vellum, and to keep the ink from smearing, again, I used clear embossing powder. It gives such a nice, translucent look to the vellum.
      Secondly, those little yellow dots. They were originally cheap, stark white adhesive pearls that didn't match with anything. However, I picked up some cheap nail polish at Walmart, covered them, let them dry, and then stuck them here! Isn't it fun? It kinda gives that look I've been seeing from the enamel dots that are so popular now, except you can customize your dots!
    I'll be posting a video of how I did the leaves, flower and gems later on the blog, so be on the lookout for that! ;)

So that's why this project is my fave - what do you think? I'm thinking I might tie this around some kind of  floral gift for my mom, who just loves planting. :)

Thanks for stopping in today and God bless!


  1. Girl! This is adorble! I will be on the lookout for the video on you did the leaves especially...but...you just opened up a whole new world for me with using nail polish on pearls...with all the colors out there and I am aways wanting a color I don't have eough of or don't have enouth of...not to mention brads....thanks!

  2. The nail polish its a great idea, I'll have to remember that! This is such a pretty tag and your mom will love it attached to her gift!!

  3. Cute tag and full of fun techniques!!


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