The world is a rose...

Two cards for you today; one for the Sweet Sunday Sketch, and the other for CPS.
You know, CPS is actually what got me started with card sketches...my mind was wandering when I searched card pattern (I meant envelope pattern). When I saw the CPS link, I was like "They actually have card patterns?" It was awesome....eventually, from visiting other blogs via CPS, I found more sketch sites. So, thanks CPS, for the inspiration! :)
Anyway, here are the cards...

Supplies: Cardstock, K&Company tag booklet, kraft paper, ribbon, Sugarloaf stamp, Souffle white pen

Supplies: Cardstock, Making Memories "Little Boy" stickers and paper, chipboard, ribbon, thread

So happy because I finally got my craft room cleaned (and you know how hard that is!). {Sigh}, it is quickly cluttering up again.... least ways the bedroom looks clean...and is staying clean. :)

Well, long day today and longer day tomorrow, so enjoy...and have a wonderful day! =)


Nothing new, just old favorites

Hi all, nothing new today; just bringing up old favorites because.... the ABC blog is looking for some DT members! Yeah!
Now, it was tough, but I finally managed to pic three out of my many faves. And you know, looking over my gallery made me realize,...how much better I've gotten at taking pics! Seriously, my old ones are SOOO bad! lol
So here are my faves...so far...;)

You know, that mean ol' sun hid himself away almost as quick as he'd shown himself just Sunday! grr...because of him, I've got no good light to take pictures of my most recent cards, so I can show you. :(
The weather round these here parts is prett-ee chilly! We walking around the house all bundled up! I wouldn't mind it so much if I could just smell fall in the air...but it smells like winter, and for me, it's way too early! Oh well...hopefully it will warm up soon...and Mr. Sun will come out. :)

Have a wonderful day!


Angelic chick

Hello, all!
Getting right to the point (because I am so excited to show you), I made a card using this weeks CP sketch...(and this weeks Paper Play challenge)

loved it! Knew at once I would love it, and got the idea for my card almost right after viewing Tracy's beautiful take on the sketch. :)
Here it is...

Supplies: Cardstock, Websters Pages "Wild Cherry", shimmer cardstock, Stampendous stamp, Hero Arts "Tree, Birds and Messages", white ribbon, souffle pens blue, white and pink, black Ink It Up! ink.

Instructions: First I stamped the image and sentiment, colored in the chick, and cut them out. Then, taking the shimmer cardstock from a card I had received, I just cut it out to size, wound the ribbon around it, and used chipboard to make it pop up. Used more chipboard to make the chick pop out also, then glued it to the patterned paper, and in turn glued that, with the sentiment, to the black cardstock. Not very hard to tell what I did from there. ;)

Now, the reason I'm so excited is because I am totally new to stamping images; I've done sentiments millions of times, but I was always scared of images because I thought unless I had Copics, they'd look terrible. After using the Souffle pens I won in Tracy's contest (which, btw, I am looking forward to the next one, if there will be one :), I changed my mind. Yes, the chick is simple, but I love the pens on it!

So, a big thank you to Tracy, who not only inspired me with her gorgeous card, but gave me the supplies to follow through on it, to the CP DT for coming up with these fabulous sketches, and finally, to all you wonderful readers; I really do appreciate each and every comment, and I always try to return the favor! {HUGS!}

But, the biggest thanks goes to God, in especial gratitude for the miracle He worked here yesterday...

My sister was coming back from one of her volleyball practices, and so, because of a combination on a bad road, slipperiness and fast driving, the car rolled! It is so amazing that she wasn't hurt - at all! Not even a scratch! The car is a mess, but, blessing in disguise - this was the car my parents were planning on getting rid of soon because repairs for it were just ridiculous). Most importantly, she is fine...thank you, God!

So, in conclusion, I'm really feeling great today (as you can probably tell!), not only because of the things I mentioned, but because the sun is finally shining around here! After almost a WHOLE week of rain, the sun finally showed itself, and boy was I happy to see it! :D

Thanks for reading...I hope you're having as nice of a day as I am. :)


Noteworthy and lemonade

I apologize for the pic, but as I wasn't able to take the picture out in the daylight yesterday, I have to take the pic inside so as to get this post finished before 7 for the Caardvarks Bash. As soon as I do get a good picture, I will go back and put them here. :)

Supplies: Making Memories "Noteworthy", cardstock, brad, thread.

Really just a basic card; I punched out the petals and leaves, cut out the stalk and center of the flower, stuck it all together, sewed it, and put the brad in. Ta-da!

I'd have to say, the "Noteworthy" line is probably one of my favorite paper lines. I love all the colors, and that shade of pink rather reminds me of pink lemonade. :) I'll show two papers from Websters Pages that really do remind me of lemonade soon. For now, I'm off!

Have a wonderful day!

ETA: Realized this would also work for this weeks Pile It On challenge as I used a circle punch. Yay!


Ships and shoes and sealing wax....

Hey all!
Another quickie...since I'll probably be posting every day this week (for the Caardvarks Bash), and I've got some pretty full days ahead, the posts this week will likely all be quick ones.
This card is for Monday's Caardvark Sketch...

Supplies: Cardstock, chipboard, ribbon, Martha Stewart stickers, gems, scrap paper.

I was going to do the card border like I did yesterday, but it didn't look right, and I'm already sick of that "postage stamp" border. lol....maybe took me 20 minutes to put this one together...
I'm thinking it could be used for a little'uns birthday or for a baby boy...

Oh, and sorry I didn't get a close-up...I was cutting it close to departure time as was when I remembered.

That scent of freshly baked bread wandered throughout the house today...mmm mmm! So soft and fluffy too! Wish I could share the recipe, but it's one of those 'secret family recipes'. ;) I know, they can be annoying....my brothers girlfriend had this recipe for delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies...don't know if that is very appetizing to yinz, but for our family, it's just heaven! But gosh darn it, it's one of those 'secret' recipes. :( If you have any suggestions for a recipe like that, don't be afraid to shout it out! After all the time spent on the computer looking for a good substitute, I'm thinking the only time I'll be able to have cookies like that is when she brings them...

Ah well, hope your day has been as nice and breezy as ours! :)


Postage Card

This WILL be a quick post, I promise! And this time, decent photos! Yes yes yes!

Supplies: Chipboard, scrap paper, ribbon, Heidi Grace baby rub-ons, gems, cardstock, and Martha Stewart stickers.

Made for todays Caardvark Sketch! First time participating, so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong. :)

I scored big deals on the rub ons and stickers. Got them at Big Lots - a lengthy sheet of the rub-ons and three sheets (54 stickers total) of Martha Stewart stickers, for a buck each! I'm telling you, Big Lots is the place to be for a thrifty scrapper. But I will admit, those rub-ons gave me trouble on this card...on the detail shot, you can see how the 'r' and 'd' are messy....oh well...I almost always have trouble with rub-ons....American Craft and Basic Grey are the only ones so far that I haven't had any trouble with.

Now, about the edge of the card, all I did was punch holes so it would look, or at least resemble, a postage stamp to go along with the stickers. I used a mini punch too, so the holes wouldn't be too large.

Woo...hot weather here....at least it's not sticky and hot...that I can't bear!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

ETA: I made the Top Three Scoops at Pile It On! So excited! Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, and thank you PIO DT! :D (wish you could see the huge grin on my face right now!)


More trees!

Another quick post as I've got another long day ahead of me...
Today I have two cards, another card using the tree in the Hero Arts set "Tree, Birds and Messages" (I have a funny feeling I'm going to be using that stamp a lot...lol) and I managed to get a nice picture of it. The one I had a problem getting a decent photo was the one I made using this weeks 2S4Y....





Supplies: Websters Pages "Postcards from Paris", ribbon, scrap paper, cardstock, stamp backing, adhesive, thread.

Please let me know which of these photos you think is best for this card as I am thinking about trying to submit it to a cardmaking magazine (oh boy!)

And here, for a card whose photo I am not utterly displeased with...

Supplies: Hero Arts "Tree, Birds and Messages", Ink It Up! black ink, gems, blue souffle pen, ribbon, scrap paper, cardstock.

Also, the gems are Swarovski gems, and the elegant sparkle they add to this tree just couldn't be captured...:(

Used the Pile It On challenge to go with this weeks Clean and Simple sketch and the Hero Arts challenge.

And now, to showcase another fellow Flikr members beautiful creations, (my photography skills pale in comparision with hers! lol)....LaughingStarfish!

Aren't they just....GORGEOUS?! I LOVE how the jewelry catches the light - exactly what I tried to do with my earrings; the only differance is, she succeeded and I didn't. lol
You can find the rest of her beautiful photos here, and her online shop here.

Whew! One long post for a quick one! lol

Hope you have a great day! =)


Pink and black tree

Hi all!
Today, I have a card made using several challenges (so far). First and second, an idea that hit me at the same time, was combining this weeks TE sketch with this weeks Hero Arts challenge (I'm allowed to enter more than once for the HA challenge, correct?), new technique. And seriously, using a stamp other than a sentiment is pretty new with me. This is actually probably one of the first times I've used a non-sentiment stamp. Yeah!

So then I figured I might as well use pink and black so it would fit for the GCA #58 challenge (I looked briefly through the site, trying to figure out what the "GCA" stands for and couldn't figure it out...can you help me with that?).

ETA: I knew I had seen another site with a similar challenge, and it turned out to be Pollycraft challenge! It also fits in with this weeks Pile It On challenge! First time participating in all of these challenges so far, except for the Hero Arts one. Woo! I'm on a roll! =)
I think their might be several other challenges with pink and black, but I don't have the time to check it out right now.

Anyways, here's the card I've been chatting so much about...

aaaand, closeup!

Supplies: Cardstock, scrap paper, thread, ribbon, Hero Arts "Tree, Birds and Messages" stamp, gems, ribbon, pink Souffle pen, black ink.

I just stamped the tree in black ink, colored in some of the leaves with one of the Souffle pens I won on Tracy's blog. Then I just stuck the paper together, and sewed the border. Last, but not least, I glued the ribbon on, and, oila! ;)

My icky cold has gotten much better - my throat hardly hurts, and my head is feeling less stuffy...now if only my nose would pay attention...lol.

Have a great day!

Whales, or drumstick? Whales, or...

I have here today only one card, as I've got an annoying cold...yesterday, my throat was really hurting, but today, it's just my head. :(
I got this card made while I was watching a movie, so it seemed to go really quickly.

Supplies: K & Company "Berry Sweet", ribbon, recycled cardstock, Hero Arts "Tree, Birds and Messages", scrap paper, green thread and adhesive.

I made for two challenges, 2 Red Bannanas Sketch and this weeks Hero Arts challenge, which is a new techinque. Well, sewing is relatively new to me, but the zig-zag sewing you see on this card, I only began a few days ago. As you can also see, my "newbie-ness" is fairly obvious on this card, not as neat as could be...and I get pretty picky, trying to make my stitching neat. But yesterday, I was just not up to making it as nice as could be.

Also, wondering if anyone knows what the little smily things are on the paper? Whales? I'm not really sure...the pink ones kinda look like a ham to me...or maybe a drumstick...? lol

When I feel up to it, I'll have a few cards to show you, as I'm just bursting with ideas that have yet to be put into action. :)

Have a wonderful day!


Happy Anniversary!

Quick post today as I've got a long day ahead of me...
Today is my parents 29th wedding anniversary, so I made them this card...(using this weeks SASS #32 sketch)

Supplies: ribbon, scrap paper, Michaels ad.

I printed out the letters on to some scrap paper I had...actually, all the paper I used were scraps...yeah! Then I just glued the letters, the bird pictures and ribbon on, sewed the border, and ta-da! all done! :)

Pretty simple, eh? But I bet you're wondering about the "Michaels ad" part, and here's the explanation. We got this Michaels custom framing ad in the mail, and, since I'm most likely never to buy a custom frame, I chopped out the two pretty little pictures of birds framed that they had on the front of the ad and stuck 'em on the card. Reuse and recycle...(or something like that...lol)

Ah...I've had a good day...playing volleyball with friends (you can just imagine how that went!) then good food and cake...I hope your day has been as nice as well. :)


Hero Arts Newbie

Got some pretty nasty photos for you...the weather here has been what I like to call, "gloom and doom". So drab and dreary outside...not ideal for taking pictures...
Anyways, here are two cards I made - one using this weeks LHM! challenge, and the other from 2S4Y Bonus Sketch . I also used one of the Hero Arts color challenges with my first card...so, without further yakin', here's the cards...

(this one drove me crazy sewing it...I know it's bad, but it's only my second time sewing this kinda of border)

On a happy note, this is officially the first Hero Arts challenge I've participated in, and I'm so excited! :D

Supplies: Websers Pages, ribbon, Hero Arts stamp, cardstock.

Supplies: Websers Pages, ribbon, lace, cardstock.

Gotta tell you, compared to my last card, these seem pretty pathetic...you know, I think I just shouldn't craft when it's so dreary....it has a drab affect on the cards, photos, and my mood...lol...even my posts, so this is it for today...

Hoping you're having fine weather wherever you are!



Hello everyone!
I am so sorry for not blogging in so long! The reason being, I ran out of adhesive, AGAIN! And, though it may be silly, I'm ashamed to post when I don't have any of my own creations to show you...
I am still out of adhesive, but I finally used my little brain cells and decided to sew a card - and sew a card I did! Admittedly, I did use I tiny bit of extra adhesive to stick on my stamped sentiment and butterflies, but it was JUST enough!
Here is the card without further ado...

Supplies: Websters Pages "Postcards From Paris", Hero Arts "Tree, Birds and Messages" stamp, Ink It Up! black ink and white cardstock.

I apologize for the poor photos - it was about to rain, so you can imagine how cloudy it was outside, and I hate to use any light except natural.
Anyways, I used the BEAUTIFUL paper I ordered from Websters Pages - I had been waiting for two weeks and was beginning to wonder if it would ever come! But come it did, and with my also long awaited Hero Arts stamps! Yes!
Now, I know the stitching is crummy, but it's my first time doing that type of stitch, so, I'll cut myself a little break. ;)
I also used this weeks "Clean & Simple" sketch...I have to tell you, as soon as I saw the title, I knew I was going love this blog, because I like to think of my style more simplish. :)

Now that I got that all out of my system, I have something else I have been longing to show you...my friends, I present to you...Amoronia! Amoronia makes GORGEOUS jewelry (you can see some of my favorites right below) and she has her own, beautiful Etsy shop, which you can visit here. If you want to see all of her stunning jewelry, visit her Flikr photostream.
This girl can really get good pictures! I'm just crazy over her jewelry and her photography skills!

(lol, these make me think of "pearlized" marshmallows)

My absolute FAVORITE!...

Aren't they just stunning?...

I hope you're enjoying a nice, cool, sunny day...or whatever kind of weather you enjoy...have a good one! :)


Faeries, earrings, and a sneak peek

I would have posted sooner, but I ran out of adhesive...again. :(
I promised you sweet beading, and sweet beading you shall have...here are some pics of some jewelry I made...
first some little faeiries I made for some little friends of mine...they love playing with them and gathering all sorts of trinkets to make a fairyland...it's really sweet...:)

When turned over, they're little flowers...

Then some earrings I made

And a necklace my grandmother gave me, long ago...it's so pretty...

I had read an article about making your own lightbox, so I tried it...and failed miserably. All the photos had a sickish, golden tint. I think I need some special lighting for it, but when you're on a budget, you just go with what you have, and what I had right then was good ol' sunlight. Yes siree, no lightbox here, and it looks just fine to me. :)
The next time I post (hopefully tomorrow), I'll have some paper crafts for you, because I'm planning on getting adhesive by then. But one thing I know for sure - I will have REALLY exquisite jewelry for you tomorrow. A sneak peek of good things to come...:)

Aren't they just beautiful?
Have a wonderful day. :)