Unscripted Card

Welcome - I'm going to cut straight to the chase today...hope you don't mind... :)
So here is the card I made for this weeks Unscripted Sketches sketch...

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket "Earth Love", Making Memories "{noteworthy}", Sugarloaf stamp, ribbon, CTMH "Sandy" ink

Here is a gift I made for a friend of mine who had twins about a month ago...

The girl...

The boy...

The girl is Madigan, and the boy is Maximus, though we've already taken to calling him Max (a particular friend of mine calling him "Mad Max" as a joke :))
I love how in the first tag (which I forgot to get a close-up photo on, and when I remembered, I didn't have enough time), photo on the bottom, the oldest sisters looks extremely proud while the second oldest looks utterly confused. lol, they're really sweet, funny kids.

Don't mind my "untalkitevness" today...I've been having a rather bad week scrappy-wise and it's kinda got me down...:(...I hope you enjoy my creations...I'll have some sweet beading for you next time. :)


CPS Earth Love

Hi again! Sorry I haven't posted lately - I've been feeling kinda sick. I had a post ready for you, but in it I was showing off a fellow flikr members beautiful cards, but I'm waiting for her permission to show you.
So, anyways, today I got my "Earth Love" pad by Cosmo Cricket! It's the first time I've ever worked with Cosmo Cricket, and it will not be the last! Here is a simple card I made today based off this weeks CPS sketch (yes, I know, very late in the game, but I honestly could not think of anything till today).

I have another paper pad coming in from Webster's Pages. If you've never heard of them before, you need to check. it. OUT! They make GORGEOUS vintage papers, and I can't wait to get my pad! To be honest, I didn't like vintage papers before, because I thought I'd have to make a busy card with them and I like to keep my card s-i-m-p-l-e. Then I saw the picture on Flikr. Ding! I was sold! Simple, elegant, and by far the nicest sympathy card I've ever seen! I'll show you her card as soon as I hear back from her. :)
So I was reading a blog from a member of their Ning community who had kindly left a welcome comment for my on my page. She had a beautiful page she had made using the {644.5} challenge. It was the first time I heard of it, so I looked it up. Another one of my few smart moves. :) Here is the link to the blog, and the challenge is to "Go outside spin around 5 times and scrap the photo no matter how awful!" Well, unfortunately, my printer does not print photos well at all and the challenge would be over by the time I received my photo from Snapfish, so I'll just show you the photo...

It's the bonfire pit! lol But the photo does show you what a nice, sunshiny day we're having...ah...I love Pennsylvania!

Have a wonderful day. :)


FOUND: Mojo! :D

Wow, my mojo found an especially bad hiding place - I've found it already! :D

So I have for you today, two simple cards. The first card I made using this weeks Lord Have Mercy! challenge. It's the first time I've participated, and I will tell you now, it won't be the last! I also used Who Is Tracy? 's challenge this week - "Challenge #2 is: Dimension"
Ta-da! Dimension! :D

Supplies: Making Memories "Chloe's Closet", bazzil cardstock, black satin ribbon, adhesive.

So, did I do it right? The supply listing thing?

Now the one made using this weeks Taylored Expressions sketch...(this is also the first time I've participated in a TE sketch...I think :))

Supplies: DCWC "Sweet" collection, Making Memories "Chloe's Closet", unknown brown paper, Joanns Craft Essential brads.

I hope this is right - let me know what you think. :)

Have a wonderful evening, everyone!


LOST: Cardmaking Mojo

Hi, all.
It's official. I've lost my cardmaking mojo for the time being. :( I made the first card I have to show really easy, because this weeks Unscripted Sketch is almost identical with last weeks 365 Sunday Sketch. I REALLY loved the sketches! :) Unfortunately, I wanted a little more to show you than this one little card, so I cranked out another. Um, not a wise decision. The sketch was nice, but, I'm more of a simple person (not more than like, 5 layers at the most!), and with the busy "Berry Sweet" paper, it was kinda....um...blah. It's just too busy for me to like it. In contrast, I'm crazy about the first card - it's so simple and easy! I could make them all day and never get bored or frustrated! But no, I had to go and make another card, and...ugh. Well, hopefully you'll enjoy my busy second card more than I do.

A little fun something for you...(it's our dachshund/black lab/who knows? mix)

Ah well, I'll find it soon enough - my mojo never finds good places to hide.

Have a wonderful day, and keep an eye on your mojo! :)

ETA: The "Happy Birthday" stamp I used for my second card, do you know if it's by Hero Arts?


Pink, REAL navy and trees

Okay, here goes again; after further rustling through my cardstock, I found some REAL navy, so I made a card for it for the Scrappy Design color challenge. Here it is...

We've been having a very stormy week with not much sunshine, so that explains the terrible lighting in this picture. When I took the picture, it was especially bad outside, and I was in hurry, having to go to practice within five minutes of the time I took this. Anyways, for my supplies: I used Making Memories {noteworthy} line (which is one of my top ten paper line faves), bazzil cardstock, and SU! cardstock for it. Not many "ingredients" but clean and simple.

A little note about the SU! cardstock; I don't know much about stamping, but when I used their cardstock with some other cardstock (can't recall which brand) the image looked WAYYYYY better on theirs. The ink was pretty cheap, and it was really blurry on the unknown cardstock, but it looked fine on the SU! paper. So in short, if you're as inexperinced as I with stamping, better go with Stampin' Up!'s cardstock for a clean image.

I've got an idea for this weeks CPS sketch and I'm going to go see if it will look as good finished as it does in my head. So, have a wonderful day!


Pink, navy, and trees

Here are my two cards for the day, eerily similar, but then again, I thought the sketches I used (Sweet Sunday for the first, CardPatterns for the second) were pretty similar too.
I tried making the tree's off of these beautiful ones that Heather from Scrappy Design made, (shown here) but they just don't do seem to do them justice.

Well, I'm going to have one more go at making my own, and if it doesn't look right, I'm just gonna have to buy them at her etsy store.
Oh, and also, the second one's color scheme was from Scrappy Delights color challenge this week. Navy and pink DO look really nice together, unfortunately, this blue was about the closest I could get to navy. I hope that's fine. :)
Well, I'm off to volunteer at the hospital - have a wonderful day, everyone!

ETA: Upon further rustling through my paper stash, I found a sheet of true blue cardstock. I'll show you the card I made with it tomorrow - I haven't gotten pictures of it yet.


Sock Monkey

And now, for another card made using K&Co's "Berry Sweet" stack...

I've seen other blogs and how they post what materials they use. Well, I've decided to try it myself...here goes...

Pattern Paper: K&Co Berry Sweet, Cardstock: Bazzill, Sticker alphbet: Making Memoires,
Ribbon: I don't know, actually...I got it at an auction.

So, how's that? lol, maybe I should stick with what I do already.

Gee, I just love these sock monkeys. After seeing the paper, I inspired a family member to start crocheting one to it's likeness, and I'm telling you, this person is usually NOT a big fan of sock monkeys. I, on the other hand, absolutely adore them. :)

Not much going on around here...it's been really quiet lately, but hey! I'm not complaining - this quiet time gives me more time scrapping. I just wonder how long the silence will last...

Have a wonderful day. :)


Hey all! Just posting today to let you know I am giving away some stuff because my room is getting a little overcrowded. All you have to do is tell me what you want, then send me, via paypal, money for shipping. No, I am not going to overcharge; I am going to charge what I think it will cost, and if I charge too much, I will refund you for the difference. So, here are the pics of what's going: (I'm putting these as small pictures since there are so many)

E-mail me at ctprezzia@yahoo.com if you're interested. :)


Berry Sweet and more

I'm so sorry for not posting in so long! August has been so busy with the start of volleyball and getting the whole family here (yes, all eleven of us :D)
But, I do have something to show you for my time absent....
First, a card I made based on last weeks Taylored Expression challenge. I had just gotten the totally cute K&Company "Berry Sweet" paper (4o% off!), rushed home, and just stuck this together quickly. I made it it about 10 minutes, which shows you how excited I was. :)

Then, before I reveal my "favoritest" card for this week/month, I'll show you two cards that I had made sometime last year and lost them, but since I found them, I thought you might want to see just what gems they are.

First, my "Winter Birds"

And now, a cute card from which I got the inspiration for it from LilyBeansPaperie (an awesome blog, if you must know :))

And now, for my favorite, "i love you", the card based on the sketch from 365 cards - first one I ever participated. I must admit, I was a bit befuddled by it at first, thinking I only had one day to complete the challenge for that day, but after reading through it, it's a splendid idea. I don't think I'll ever lack inspiration now.

Also made using the "Berry Sweet" stack. So, "The Sweet Stack" by DCWV and "Berry Sweet" are probably my favorite stacks, and I highly recommend them to you.

I just opened a shop on ShopHandmade (link to it on the side of your computer), and I would love if you would check it out and give me some feedback.

Sorry if reading this sounds rather funny - I'm watching a movie with an Englishman (Fancy Pants - comedy, starring Bob Hope and Lucille Ball) and the way he talks is really rubbing off on me. lol

Have a nice Sunday, everyone! :)