2S4Y cards

Guess what? I just realized, from a friend telling me on ravelry, that the code you have to put in to comment was going bonkers!! Well, I fixed that - no more word verification. I guess I will just have to watch the comments now,..actually, I do already, I'll just have to keep a closer eye for spam.
Anyways, for this weeks 2S4Y, I used both! I gotta say, I liked the bonus one more, just because I really liked my bonus sketch card. :)
Here they are:

And for the bonus sketch, one of my top ten cards of all time....(drum roll)

I am CRAZY about DCWV Sweet stack - I'm telling you, I've made tons of card off of the 8x8 stack, and I'm still not done. Listen, if you don't have this stack now, you NEED to get it! :)

Just having a lazy Saturday here...I plan on making a card for Taylored Expressions today, but that's pretty much it. We had some volleyball last night, and I did terrible, so I need to redeem myself at next practice. lol
Well, hoping you're enjoying your Saturday as much as I'm enjoying mine! :)


Rollin', rollin'....

Yes! I am on a ROLL! Two cards made today, and this time, I really like them. :D
So, for the CP sketch...

And then for the Mojo Monday sketch (which I REALLY liked and plan on making another card off of)

For some weird reason, the orange ink I used comes up all blurred on these pictures, and I will honestly tell you, it's not! Grr...also, for the MMS, I know the ribbon on the left is not down all the way - I'm going to put more adhesive on it and MAKE it stick! lol :)
I am finally getting used to Splitcoasters now. {sigh} I just did a RAK, and boy, is it fun! I also learned how to get to threads I like a lot quicker, so that's gonna make things a little easier.
Today has been so lazy...mmm...I love it! So much more time for scrappin', and I'm gonna help my mom make her first scrapbook (for when my parents went to Italy to celebrate their silver anniversary...three years ago!). Gee, I'm glad there are scrapbooking sketches, because I would run out of ideas for that book in about 15 pages.
Hey, if you have a ton of zucchini in your garden (like so many other people with gardens around this time of year), you should DEFINITELY make this recipe: Mom's Zucchini Bread. It is delicious! No kidding - try it out for yourself! It almost melts in your mouth, it is just so yum.
Off to have some more fun scrappin'!


Fabulous, glorious adhesive!

Hello! I didn't want to say so until I'd have something to show for it, but I got adhesive! Yes! My cardmaking drought is at an end! ;)
I actually got the adhesive on Wednesday, but didn't have any time to scrap (busy volunteering at the hospital) until Saturday night. Unfortunately, all my favorite sketch blogs challenges started up again on Sunday, so I wouldn't have any good light to take photos, plus I didn't have much time. But I did get a Sweet Sunday Sketch done, from last week, shown here...

Ain't he cute? I just love that little elephant, which I why for this weeks Sweet Sunday Sketch, I used him again...

As a note, I haven't cropped/edited any of these photos yet, so when I do, you can be sure to expect better/larger pics.

Here's my take off of this weeks CPS sketch...

I'm not really pleased with it, so I might try the sketch again later this week. But I've found so many more challenge sites, I'm not sure I'll have the chance too.

Here's my Paper Play card for this week!

Any of you involved in Splitcoaststampers.com? Because I joined recently, and I'm SO confused! Not to mention, I feel the need get a lot better at stamping and get some Copics, but my budget won't allow it. So I'm stuck with paper, stickers, and rub ons. Not necessarily bad, but I see some of those awesome stamped images on there, and I WANT to be able to stamp like that! Oh well...I'm sure some delicious zucchini bars with icing would be just the thing to cheer me up, so off I go!

Oh, and please, share some love and leave a comment - always appreciated, and I try to return the favor. :)



Hey all!
More food today - still out of adhesive, but I plan on getting some tomorrow. :)
The nurse wasn't ready for us today, so we're going to try tomorrow, in case you're wondering why I'm blogging now.
So, another recipe from Allrecipes.com, and this one is called Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdoodles . I've made this three times so far, including today, and I tell you, I am love - in it! This recipe is a total no brainer, and turns out perfect EVERY time! I used a small ice cream scoop to shape the cookies, and I didn't pat them down, since they flatten out anyways when you take them out of the oven. But seriously, this recipe does not lie when it claims "crispy edges, and chewy centers; these cookies are a crowd pleaser for sure!"
Here are mine...

Gotta run!


Streusel Topped Blueberry Muffins - a must bake!

Still out of adhesive...:(. But that won't stop me from doing other things I like, namely, COOK! Just wanted to post some pictures because that always makes a post more interesting...not to mention I'm pretty bored here with nothing else to do. lol :) Here are my spectacular Blueberry Muffins!

And being, as I love to say, "eated" by me...

The last photo would make me sad if it weren't for the other thirteen muffins I have stashed away! I got the recipe from Allrecipes.com (which is a FANTASTIC site for recipes, since people grade, you're almost sure to always get a great recipe!), and it is the Streusel Topped Blueberry Muffins . It was either that, or the Blueberry Cream Muffins, which also looked awesome, but in the end, the promise of streusel made me choose it. I was not disappointed! Mmm! Totally delicious! I also added blackberries because I didn't have enough blueberries, but it turned out fine, though the blackberries didn't give as much flavor. But still, it was pretty darn yummy. :D
Oh, and starting tomorrow, I'll be volunteering at the hospital, so I might not be blogging much...not that I have lately anyway. lol Anyways, have a wonderful day, and may you never run out of adhesive OR blueberries! :)

ETA: Found some delicous blog candy at Pink Nickels - here it is...


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I added MANY more links to card sketch sites for you to visit. They're all really wonderful, and can be found of the right of this. And, I found them all at Pile It On. That website ROCKS! I only knew of a couple sketch blogs before visiting them - now, I've seen so many, my head is spinning! Of course, there is no WAY I'm going to be able to do all of them! So I've decided to do one a day (if possible), just going down the list...easier said than done. :)
I hope you'll participate in them - it really gets your creative juices flowing. I would absolutely LOVE it if you would send me a link to a card you may have created using one of the sketches - I can never see enough wonderful handmade card/creations.
Have a wonderful day, everyone, and may you never run out of adhesive!

No!! Out of adhesive!

Agh! I was making a card for this weeks Mojo Monday sketch, when I ran out of adhesive! I hate it when that happens! Blah!
lol, sorry, just had to get that bit out of me. :)
This week we are hosting a bonfire at our house for some co-op friends, though I'm guessing only three people will show up. My reasons? We live in the middle of nowhere, so it takes quite some time to get here, and also, whenever anybody has a party, it seems only half the people show up; for us, it's even worse - we get about 1/8. And that is why I believe only three people will show up. Oh well; we'll be having smore's and hot dogs, so I'll be happy. :) And we may even sneak a little bit of time playing volleyball.
On a happier note, my sis and I are going to two volleyball practices this week! Yes! Gee, I know it's weird, but I'm actually kinda looking forward to the end of August, because then we'll have practice everyday, not including Sunday, Saturday, and most Fridays. :D
Oh, and I got my swap package from Amanda today...

Aren't they wonderful? I especially love the stamp pad - for some weird, unknown reason, I really, Really, REALLY like stamp pads. :)
And I'm thinking about hosting another giveaway soon - I've gotten some really nice things on discount lately, and I'm thinking about sharing them with one, or maybe even two, lucky people. What do you think?


Happy Birthday!

Hello again! Sorry about not posting for awhile - kinda busy, and it's been rainy here all week so I haven't had any good lighting for taking pictures. But, I went ahead and took this one, just because I like it so much. :) I used this weeks "2 Sketches 4 You" sketch - it's pretty sweet, and you can check it out here - I also combined it with Paper Play's challenge for this week.

Here is the card...

I'm so disappointed that this picture didn't turn out well - the card really is nice, so I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

I'm so happy that I've been on this birthday cardmaking roll - I usually just do note cards and stamp "happy birthday" if I need to, but this makes it so much cooler, don't you think?

Anyhow, I know the 4th of July is tomorrow, but I simple cannot for the life of me make a card based on that theme! I'm really gonna have to go Internet surfing for some ideas.
I've also run out of sketches to do, having done the CPS, CP, and 2S4Y sketches for this week...any one else know of some good sketch sites? I just realized how much I've come to depend on these sketches - before I saw them, I could cook up some of my own ideas, but now I'm spoiled! lol

Have a happy 4th everyone, and don't be too shy to leave a comment - always welcome, as I'm sure everyone already knows! :)