Birthday/sketches galore!

Hello all!
Mmmm! I just LOVE the CPS and CP sketches this week! :D Here are my takes on the CPS sketch (wasn't quite satisfied with the first one [thought the ribbon was too messy] so I made another one that turned out quite nicely)

Aren't they sweet?

Here's the CP sketch

Wish I could stay and chat more, but I really have to get going! Enjoy! :D


MORE sketch blogs!!!

Guess what? I found MORE sketch blogs!!! This is AMAZING!! I will never be short on card inspiration as long as these blogs stay up! :D I'm putting the links to them on the side - there's so many, but I hope you can check them all out!\
ETA: Isn't this lame? My computer won't put the links on right now - I'll try later - sorry! :(


Butterfly Birthday Wishes

Yes!!! I finally made a card that I'm happy with, and I made it using this weeks CP sketch (again - that's how much I liked it :D) Here it is...

Sorry about the bad pics - we had a huge thunderstorm here last night, and the skies have yet to clear up, so I don't have good light.
Not much else happening around here, so I'll leave you with this. :)


Another take on the CPS sketch

Another quick post, and I'm off to volleyball practice. :)
So I told you I wasn't completly satisifed with my last take on the CPS sketch. Well, I made another, and I'm still not happy. :( Oh well. Here it is...(maybe you'll like it)...

I will say though that the photo doesn't do the card justice.
And here is my "Sweet Little Something"

Hope you enjoyed them. :)



Hello all! Quick post before I join my siblings for a night in the pool. :D
First, a card I made using CardPatterns sketch for this week, and this time, I got it done in time. ;)
Oh, and this is before editing, cropping, etc...I'm in a hurry, so I'll get back to this soon and show you the wonders of editing.

I'm not crazy about it, but it's, eh, okay. :)

Now for the card I made using the CPS sketch...(sorry, good pictures of this card coming soon...)

I'm not crazy about this one either, but I wanted something quick, since I had spent about an hour on a card before, all in vain, because, while taking the cartridge out on my paper trimmer, it cut me! (or, I guess you could say I cut myself...) Anyways, I didn't notice, but my stupid thumb got blood on this adorable baby card I had made using Heidi Grace paper (what can I say? I love it!), with the CPS sketch as the inspiration, so it kinda ruined it. :( I also got blood on some other paper and my trimmer before I noticed. So, yeah, I was pretty annoyed and I wanted something quick. So in the end, this card was okay for spending only about 15 minutes on. :)

Anyways, I will hopefully have some better looking cards for you by tomorrow or the day after, but for now, you're stuck with these two. :)


Mint ice cream and bugs

Ahhh...the sweet smell and taste of mint ice cream...mmmm...that's what I'm going to be experiencing as soon as I finish this post, so I'll be brief. :)
First off, my sis made ANOTHER cute card, with a little lady bug climbing it...simple, but sweet, and, after all, she only got into cardmaking two weeks ago! So here it is...

I told you, it's pretty cute.

And, my sister being the wonderful person she is, she let me use some of her cute paper that she got recently, and with which I made a sweet card - no, literally!

I couldn't decide what background I liked it best with, so I chose to show you both! Click on the image to enlarge, and you can taste the full sweetness of this card. :) I believe the paper is DCWV paper...the "Nana's Kids" for my sis, and "The Sweet Stack" for myself. They're both awesome stacks that I encourage you to try for yourselves.
The ice cream is calling, and I can refuse it no longer. lol, hope you had/are having a beautiful, sunshiny day that is just as brilliant as mine. :)

ETA: We both used sketches from 2 Sketches 4 You; yes, they're the old ones, but we really needed inspiration, and after all, that's what these sketches are for! :)


Yeah! Got the pictures...finally!

Yes! I finally got the pictures, but sadly, it's too late to enter them in the sketch contest. :( Oh well, doesn't make them any less pretty. :) Here they are...

This first one is the box that my sister and I painted - yeah, it didn't turn out as well as I thought it would - the yellow was a lot lighter, but we had to use so many coats, it went all yucky. :(

Here is the tin I redecorated using last weeks CPS sketch - isn't it cute?! I love it!

And last, but not least, is the card I made using last weeks Card Pattern sketch.

I like this one too, but not as much as the tin, just because I like Chloes Closet so much. =)
By the way, here is this weeks CPS sketch...

and this weeks Card Patterns sketch...

Anyway, today is my sisters 11th birthday, the first day of summer, AND, as you all know, Fathers Day! :) We went putting, and I lost to my brother by two strokes - though I can't help but put in he takes golf lessons all summer, while the only time I play is when we putt. lol, sorry, couldn't help myself - just had to put that in.
We're having homemade fettuccine and veal, with delicious Heath pudding (if you want the recipe, I'd be glad to post it) afterward. So yeah, today is turning out just fine! I hope your day is as wonderful as mine is so far! :)


Bad Timing

Argh!!! I finally made the promised projects (plus a bonus!) and I don't have the camera! Talk about bad timing...anyways, I'll tell you what the projects are. First, a box my sister and I repainted a box to put all the stationary that we made for our brothers girlfriend, and it didn't turn out as nicely as I would have liked. :( But, on the other hand, a tin I redecorated looked WAY better than I thought it would, and I stole my sisters "Chloe's Closet" papers - no, just kidding, she said I could use "some". :) I used CPS (which I was beginning to give up on being able to use it) sketch on it, which was the key component. While I was looking at the sketch, I notice some other ones I had printed on the same piece of paper and decided I would use....oh darn, can't remember who it was and I've gone looking to see who posted it....oh well, anyways, I used her idea for the torn flower, and make a card using "Card Patterns" (blinky can be found on the side) sketch. It looks simple fabulous, and I can't wait to show you!


What's Up!

Okay, so I lied - I didn't have two cards for you, but I was in a rush yesterday, getting some AWESOME papercrafting supplies and some stamps for my partner on Scrappers Delight, so...yeah, that's pretty much my lame excuse. lol :) But, I did make two containers that aren't quite finished, just needs a few tweakings here and there, and I will post pictures of them as soon as I get the chance. Sorry for this short blog note, just wanted to let yinz know what's up! =)


And the winner of the giveaway is....

Sorry I'm late - I was feeling kinda sick, and wanted to treat myself to a few bagels. lol
Anyways, the winner of the stitchmarkers is.....
I will contact you on ravelry for your address, and, congratulations! :) Thanks so all for participating!


Woo! So much stuff packed into one day! Lemme explain myself - I've found about four more sketch sites that I have yet to try my hand at, and then, a friend on Flikr invited me to join a scrapbooking/papercrafting/cardmaking/stamping website that looks pretty awesome so far. I mean, I've only been in it for about 10 minutes (lol), but it already looks really fun. It's layout is kinda like ravelrys, so I think I could get used to it quickly.
I know I'm all chat right now, but as soon as I can start making cards using the newfound sketches, I won't be able to stop, so I promise I'll have, at least, two cards for you by tomorrow. And, btw, this is not my last post - I will announce the winner of the giveaway tonight! :)
Gotta run!

New Sketch Sites

Yeah! I found some new sketch sites, the linky's I've added to the side of my blog. I hope you enjoy them, and meanwhile, I'm going to go put them to use! :)


Oh, happy day!

Heya! Just came from beating the boys in volleyball (yet again), and thought I'd share this card I made yesterday with you.
I've been on a "Friendly Forest" frenzy! The past five cards I've made, I have used their paper. :) I love it - it only needs a little embellishment, sewing around the edges, and it's good to go!

Anyways, I believe if you click the picture, it will either pop up larger, or it will make it clearer, because right now, the photos look too sharp. :(
I'm having a happy day today, watching the Penguins in their victory parade (almost got Max Talbot to go body surfing!), finishing up my math (YES!) and beating the boys in volleyball. :D I hope your day is turning out nice as well.


My Lil' Ol' Froggy

Hey, all! So here's the latest card;

Also based off the CPS sketch, but I made this one, not my sister. Personally, I like hers better, but I still think my "Lil' Ol' Froggy" is pretty darn cute. Don't you?
Now, I gotta let you know something. I posted my first froggy card on flikr, and when I posted the close-up it was all blurry. I simply could not figure out how to get detail to show on the pictures. Anyways, some one posted something about a button on the camera, that usually had a flower beside it, that is meant for picking up detail. Well, I checked it out, and guess what? It works! Yeah! So now you can expect cleaner, more detailed pictures from me in the future. :D

I am so excited because tonight I'm going to play REAL volleyball for three straight hours. I mean, how awesome is that?! Oh, and before I go, my sisters and I are going to beat our brothers in outside volleyball...again. lol They have yet to win a series.