No!! Out of adhesive!

Agh! I was making a card for this weeks Mojo Monday sketch, when I ran out of adhesive! I hate it when that happens! Blah!
lol, sorry, just had to get that bit out of me. :)
This week we are hosting a bonfire at our house for some co-op friends, though I'm guessing only three people will show up. My reasons? We live in the middle of nowhere, so it takes quite some time to get here, and also, whenever anybody has a party, it seems only half the people show up; for us, it's even worse - we get about 1/8. And that is why I believe only three people will show up. Oh well; we'll be having smore's and hot dogs, so I'll be happy. :) And we may even sneak a little bit of time playing volleyball.
On a happier note, my sis and I are going to two volleyball practices this week! Yes! Gee, I know it's weird, but I'm actually kinda looking forward to the end of August, because then we'll have practice everyday, not including Sunday, Saturday, and most Fridays. :D
Oh, and I got my swap package from Amanda today...

Aren't they wonderful? I especially love the stamp pad - for some weird, unknown reason, I really, Really, REALLY like stamp pads. :)
And I'm thinking about hosting another giveaway soon - I've gotten some really nice things on discount lately, and I'm thinking about sharing them with one, or maybe even two, lucky people. What do you think?

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