Hey all! Just posting today to let you know I am giving away some stuff because my room is getting a little overcrowded. All you have to do is tell me what you want, then send me, via paypal, money for shipping. No, I am not going to overcharge; I am going to charge what I think it will cost, and if I charge too much, I will refund you for the difference. So, here are the pics of what's going: (I'm putting these as small pictures since there are so many)

E-mail me at ctprezzia@yahoo.com if you're interested. :)


  1. WOW great stuff!! I have the little wooden animals already but they are so cute!!!

  2. I take the ribbon,envelopes,white c/stock 3rd down on the left,pink, c/stk ?,animal c/outs,c/stock above the animals,word paper,bright orange & yellow paper. Thank U this would be appreciated my stash is down w/ cards going to Iraq & b-day presents. E-mail me @ haviland 49@yahoo.com My blog is@ glograbear.blog spot.com,title is grandmabear if U like to look. grandmabear

  3. Do U have any stamps? I'm looking for some male related ones for cards to go to Iraq.

  4. Do you still have the little wooden animals?


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