Just Because

{DISCLAIMER - if you don't like feet, you may wanna skip this post!}

     I was going over the old blogaroo tonight after a failed search on Netflix (need to put off studying for finals as long. as. possible...ugh), and realized that it's kinda dusty. While I think the Technique Thursday posts have livened things up a wee bit, things are still looking pretty drab around here. Pretty much all of my posts within the last, oh, at least four months, have been for either design team work, or an occasional challenge.
     So I thought to myself, "Darn it, Clare! You should post something just because!"
     And so here I stand.
     Er, sit.

     While looking for the perfect random card to post, I found this...

     I dare you to find a more random, customized handmade card online that looks as sweet as this (in my personal opinion). Dare you.

     Here at my college, Franciscan University of Stuebenville, we have THE best athletic trainer and S.M.A.'s (Sport Medicine Assistants). Seriously. The best. This trainer lady is always in a good mood, treats even opposing players like they're V.I.P's (which is how it ought to be), and keeps me and the rest of the student-athletes laughing. Not to mention, she (and the S.M.A.'s) are pretty darn good at their work.
     Anyways, this awesome trainer lady and the S.M.A.'s taped up my pathetically pathetic ankles up for every practice and every game this past volleyball season, and they did a bangin' job.
     So this was my thank you card (which was accompanied by some sweet treats) for the S.M.A.'s. It's only appropriate. ;)
    The trainer lady thank you card (which is also pretty darn awesome) will be posted soon.

     And yes, I did print out an outline of a foot, and wrap it with thin computer paper. ;)

     Thus concludes my just because card post. ;)
     Thanks for putting up with my today, and God bless!


  1. Clare, I bet those SMAs laughed when they received this card! It's perfect!

  2. That is just too funny! I would never have thought to do such a card and I absolutely LOVE it girl!


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