Vol. 1 #CardmakerProbs // Hero Arts

I've decided to start a new, impromptu series here on the blog, called (very trendily) #CardmakerProbs. The series will follow REAL-LIFE problems of cardmakers - REAL problems, people, REAL.

In our first installment...

#CardmakerProbs No. 1 - Photography

The struggle is real, my fellow crafters. While some of us cardmakers - such as Keeway, Melania Deasy and Lisa Spanlger - apparently do possess magic (also lots of patience and skills), the rest of us mortals just have to struggle-bus it out.

I present to you Exhibit A.

Okay, so to be fair,  for these card I used some strangely weird white Michaels cardstock, so that didn't help getting the darn white balance right, but I tell ya, I spent at least two hours photographing these.
Two hours may seem little - I mean, two is kind of a small number, technically speaking - but hours! Of my life! On card photos! Absurd.

Anywho, I got sick of trying to make things fancy, so I ended up with these...

These two simple little numbers use some add-ons from this month's My Monthly Hero - Fun in the Rain - so that means, the stamps are still available! Yay! Well, technically not the little girl image I used in the first card, since that came from the sold out main kit, but the cat and umbrella from Raining Cats and Dogs would be just as cute! (and I know because I've already done a card like this with it ;))

I used Soft Pool and Black for my ink, and then some quick and snappy coloring with my trusty ZIG pens.

Aren't those little puddles and ducks just the cutest?!

I forgot to take a close up shot while I was at it, and I was too lazy/annoyed to set up again, so there it is! Two hours of my life, for everyone to see!

One day, when I have the ideal work-at-home job (you know, the imaginary kind where you don't actually have to work? ha!), I'll take lots of nice pictures in nice, natural lighting, but for now, we struggle on folks, we struggle on.


Cardstock: cheapo Michaels white
Stamps: Hero Arts Fun in the Rain and Raining Cats and Dogs
Ink: Hero Arts Black and Soft Pool
Other: ZIG pens

Tools: scallop edge scissors (for rounding corners)


  1. These cards are adoarble! I hear you Clare! Photographing our cards is surely a very timely process. I envy those card makers who could not only take good photographs but also stage their cards beautifully!

  2. I hear you clare! Your cards and photog are wonderful.

  3. Clare, you sure nailed it with this post! The struggle IS real! I love your cards and they way you photographed them! Fun series, I look forward to more! :)

  4. The struggle is definitely real! I think your photos turned out great though! :)


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