My Purple Battle // Blog Redesign

You know that request I made awhile ago, about redesigning blogs?
Well, I got a great response, I finished the first redesign a couple days ago, and today I'm sharing it with you!

Lisa at My Purple Battle was my first victim, I mean, volunteer. ;)
The before...

And after!

This is a brief on the design process....

I could not have asked for a more enthusiastic "client" - Lisa was very positive and encouraging throughout the process, and was very helpful and patient with the newbie graphic designer. ;)
Of course, I am a carmaker before graphic designer, so I couldn't help but make a card inspired by the blog, for Lisa, using her very favorite color. ;)

These cabochons made me realize how pretty purple is! It really works lovely with gray and rose-like shades.

Thank you Lisa!
Lisa was also very generous, and "donated" a little giveaway to celebrate the new design! 

Giveaway ends July 11th, 11:59 EST.
Thanks so much for stopping in today and have a beautiful week! 


  1. Clare,
    What a sweet and wonderful post! I am truly honored that you took the time to re-design my BLOG and I LOVE it.

    Anyone would be LUCKY to have you do this for them and I feel VERY fortunate that I was first.

    THANK YOU so much,

  2. PS: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the card you designed! You are right it's MY favorite colors too!!

  3. Claire, you did a great job!!! Lisa is such a sweet person and so generous, too...I'm not surprised to hear she was one of your first volunteers! Well done, Claire -- you have a knack for design!

    1. Clare, I apologize, I have been spelling your first name wrong all this time! I have a daughter named "Claire" so I have it automatically coming from my brain that way! So sorry...I'll be more mindful!

  4. I'm so impressed w the blog redo; you did great! nice card too!

  5. GOOD LUCK to ALL your who enter!! Clare -- Please do NOT include ME in your prize drawing...my prize was your time and work!!!

  6. Lisa's blog looks wonderful! Well done Clare! And your card is so pretty, perfect in those shades of purple!! Please leave me out of the prize drawing.

  7. I know Lisa through card making..Great choice to start your design work post:)
    Yummy shades of purple!

  8. That's a great re-design, and it is fun to see the process.

  9. Great job Clare! I can't wait :)


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