Lame blogger and 13 cards

I've been a pretty lame blogger this year.
Lame at posting, lame at commenting, just pretty lame.
I would like to tell you that one of my New Years resolutions is to be a better blogger, but, well, it's not really on the list. I usually don't have a list anyways, but it still wouldn't be on the list if I had one.
Basically because I've accepted my blogging lameness.

But also,...because I'll probably be spending the fall semester in Austria!! Booyah! You probably still won't be completely rid of me even then, as I'll probably post some old cards and trip updates now and then, but still, it should be a well-deserved break for any readers. ;)

Anywho, I'm not really posting today to excuse my lameness - I wanted to post my favorite cards from 2013! Or rather, my favorite cards from my 2013 blog posts. Because while I haven't had a whole lot of cards picked up for publication this year (I haven't had a lot of time to submit, and, let's face it, I'm pretty rusty), I still did have a couple nice ones that haven't been published yet. So I can't really post those.

But here are my 13 favorite posted cards from 2013...

Made for a Precious Remembrance release, I just liked this card because of all the random things on my desk I put together to make some semblance of a decent card. ;)

This isn't a particularly flattering photo, because this is such a soft and pretty card. Stamping all those feathers, one by one, then covering them up with embossing powder so I could see the actual image before I stamped the next feather, took awhile, but it was so fun.

This is probably one of my favorite cards out of the bunch, and it seemed a lot of people thought so too, judging by all the traffic generated it. It was kind of funny, because when I finished this, I was thinking "I really like this card, but I think this card will end up one of those ones that I really like but no one else really gets" (such as the card above) - it's kinda fun to predict which cards will be favorites with readers. ;)

This card is such an unusual color combo for me, which is why it made the list.

I can't usually seem to pull of clean and graphic too well, so combining that with the inking I did, made me happy with how this one turned out.

I love making personalized cards, and this is about a personalized as you can get - an athletes wrapped foot for some sports medicine assistants! I mean seriously, a foot, on a card?! While I love all things pink, blue and floraly for my cards, this card actually fits my non-cardmaking taste best - green, funky and happy. :)

This one...well, this one's just cute. Plus I felt a little Teri Anderson-ish with it. Makes me feel like a big, full fledged cardmaker. ;)

I just love the softness of this one, and that big ol' grosgrain bow just makes me happy. This card makes me realized how little I've been using ribbon in my most recent cards. Something I definitely wouldn't have foreseen a year ago. ;)

I am deeply blessed teenager who hasn't had to experience a whole lot of loss in her life so far, but I was still proud of this card.

This just seems kind of a cool, hip card to me, and it was so fun putting all the random elements together.

While I did end up rearranging the flowers a bit like I mentioned in the original post, I still feel a bit off with this card. But those flowers (using one of 2013's most popular stamps, Fresh Cut Florals) are just too dang pretty to leave this one out of the list. ;)

This card makes me smile. The cute image. The frame. The patterned paper. Then the actual picture itself - I finally got a DSLR camera, so I can use background papers with my cards photographs from now on, without it looking too distracting. Oh, and the fact it helped me make the SPARKS design team doesn't hurt either. ;)

I'm not crazy about the photo itself in this one (acetate is just so dang hard to photograph), but I seriously love this Hero Art stamp - I don't think there's any way to use it that doesn't look awesome. :)

Woo! You made it! Congrats!
Despite being a lame blogger, I do want to let you know I appreciate each and every comment, and also, I do watch your blogs and keep up with all your amazing creations. It's just, well, like I said - I'm a lame blogger, and between school and procrastination, I never get around to commenting.
But still, I just wanted to let you know, even if it is a pathetic excuse. ;)

Thanks so much for stopping and enjoy the rest of 2013!!


  1. Your cards are so pretty and I enjoy browsing your blog.
    Keep the good work and happy new year.

  2. Hi Clare so wonderful to see those pretty cards! Thanks for sharing. I'd like to wish you a Wonderful Happy New Year!!

  3. From one lame blogger to another, I always enjoy seeing your beautiful cards! Happy New Year!


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