"Trendy Wendy"

I noticed that my one card published in the July/August issue of Paper Crafts magazine was featured over at Moxie Fab World today - yay! Here's the pic...

I thought I may as well post the video I made a couple months ago (right before I submitted it), showing how I made the background.  I say 'um' a ridiculous amount of times, my voice sound kinda stuffed up, I didn't edit out the parts where I'm drying the cardstock, and my directions are ALL over the place, but, whatevs. Hopefully you'll get the gist of how to make the background  despite my mindless jabbering. ;)

That's it for me today - have an awesome day and God bless!


  1. Was so pleased to see this card in the issue - yeah you! And the card is FANTASTIC. Have to watch the video...

  2. What an incredibly FABULOUS card!!! I just opened the Moxie Fab email and saw it (I know...I am a wee bit behind..lol). You are such an inspiring talent and I miss our days back at SSC!!! Lots of love and hugs to lil' Sistah!!!! Off to watch the video (which I am suer is just as amazing as you are)!

  3. I ADORE your card and saw it over MF world. Soooo many people love it! Thanks for showing how you did it!You are amazing, Clare!

  4. Clare, just watched the video, such an amazing background, you sure made it look so easy. Gorgeous card!!


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