Throwback Tuesday #2

In case you haven't seen yet, I'm having a little monthly challenge here on the ol blog-a-roo!

The deets: every Tuesday, I will post a card that has been sitting in the draft closet too long. At the end of each month, I will randomly select a winner from all the valid challenge entries!
The challenge: link up an old papercraft related blog post, card photo, or post one of your old drafts/pictures! An additional entry will be given to those who comment on the Throwback Tuesday posts for that month.
The prize: a big ol' box stuffed with scrapbooking goodies!

Ladies and gents, I present to you, Throwback Tuesday #2!

I try to make cards with subjects I would actually use...a welcome or home card is not something I, as a college student, would really use. However, the sentiment absolutely applies to me - I am such a homebody. ;)
Anyways, as to analyzing the card - first off, you can't tell the in the photo, but this card was very loosely adhered together as I was running out of adhesive at that time. Plus, the adhesive was rather crummy quality (I didn't know it at the time), resulting the in the card falling apart shortly after. If there's one pet peeve I have  when it comes to cardmaking, it's cards that fall apart! So, that set aside, I have to say, the only thing I would change about the card is round the corners of the card to soften it up a bit.
While this card is definitely not something I would be proud of making at this stage, I really don't see a lot technically wrong with it...or maybe it's just me being so out of the cardmaking loop at this point, that I'm blind to all errors. ;)

Enter your links below! :)

Card recipe
Cardstock: Craft supply, Bazzil
Patterned paper: Doodlebug Designs
Sticker: Doodlebug Designs
Ribbon: Offray

Tools: trimmer, adhesive, sandpaper, scissors


  1. We can all learn from our mistakes..cheap adhesives just don't stick!
    Once again I'm in awe of your bow tying!

  2. Miss Clare...I love this card...I love the "crispness" look...I don't think I would change a thing!

  3. I'm loving this challenge, we all learn from our mistakes but somehow I feel like your cards don't need any changes:-)


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