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Ooops, looks like I've been neglecting the blog lately! I've been so busy with the dt call. ;)
Since I don't have a card to share with you today, I wanted to share with you another little blog I made. This has nothing to do with papercrafting - I've shown my sisters knit projects a lot on here, so I decided instead of crowding up my blog with pics, I'd make up a blog for my sis. ;)
She's not really a bloggy kind of person though, so I moderate/post on the blog, but it's her stuff I'm showing off. ;)
The new blog (well, I started it in November, but never got around to telling you ;)) is called Knitted Tales. It actually only has one post so far, but I've taken some more picture stories that I hope to add soon. :) Anyways, I think the first (and only) post would be a fun story to show to any children/grandchildren - my sister showed it to some of her knitty friends, and it seems the children really liked it. 
Also note the link at the end of the post - it links up to my Picasa album, where I've added words for those of you who want to see how I interpret the story. ;)
A sneak of the first post...

Thanks so much for stopping in!

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