Our computer crashed Saturday due to high winds, and so my techy brother had to reinstall everything. Which means, all the documents (including my school reports), pictures, videos, quick links, are gone.

While my brother said he might be able to get some of the pictures and videos back, he's not sure. Which means our old and treasured digital family photos are gone.

He also said that he can't recover any of the documents. Which means that, besides the loss of a lot of old and handy documents and pdfs, I have to write my report. All. Over. Again.

Also, all the blogs and websites I had bookmarked are gone too (for the second time this month!!). Which means I have to try and remember what and where they all are, and go back and bookmark them again.

I'm gonna be working this week to try bookmark the stuff again, recover some photos, and write that long, stinkin' report again. Which means I'm not gonna be blogging or posting comments much for a week or so.


Sorry to be such a party pooper, but this is so frustrating.
So anyways, I thought I'd just let you know why I'll be kinda quiet this week.

Hope you're having a better start off to your week than we are.

ETA: The only good news about this mess is that you have another week to submit to the DT call


  1. Oh dear Clare! I hope you can recover as much as possible! So sad to hear your week will be doing all of this non-fun stuff! Wish you well and take care!

  2. Oh, Clare. . .what a BUMMER! Especially your treasured photos! And you worked so hard on the report and now to write it all again! I'm sorry you're having to deal with all this. Good luck with recovering as much as possible and on your report. Thinking of you and sending a hug!

  3. I'm SO sorry this happened to you Clare! What horrible luck. You must be miserable losing all those photos and having to re-write your paper. My condolences!

  4. ahhhh.... it sticks when this happens. so sorry to hear that. hope it went well with the report rewriting... big hugs!


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