My room...ish

Thank you so, so much for all the sweet, encouraging comments yesterday! I feel way better (about scrapping that is - now I have a sore throat!), but, still don't have any card to share with you. Instead, I thought I'd show you bits and pieces of my scrap room (CLEANED!) - I took a video, but, they just take way too long to upload on this computer, so that will have to wait.

So, first off, my desk, where all the "magic" happens...(you can click on the photos to enlarge them)

My drawers that hold most of my embellies on the left of the desk...

On the right of the desk, I store my clear stamps - I forgot to take a picture of my most favorite part! I'll add that later if I have the time (and memory!)

But now, right below the desk, on the right, is where I store all my 12x12 papers - I don't even use half of these! Going to see if I can pass them on soon....(sorry the photo is blurry!)

So, turning to the left of the desk, is this little piece of furniture I picked up free at a garage sale a long time ago; it holds the cards I haven't put away yet, and my ribbon in the drawer...

And my small stash of ribbon found in the drawer...

Than turning left again, I have another table, with my 8x8 paper just lying on it, as I don't like it to get lost with my 12x12's, but don't have anywhere else to put it.

And than some of those adorable Ikea jars on the table to store (in order of there appearance - haha); metal, buttons, random stuff, and chipboard

And on the far left of the table are some coloring pencils, and an 8x8 scrapbook album with which I sort my paper scraps according to color, and than manufacturer

And underneath, on the side of the table, is where I store my non-clear stamps. Inside are HA stamps, along with a few Sugarloaf sets; my entire collection of wooden HA stamps looking at you right there....impressive, eh? ;) haha!

And than of course, there's a bunch of other random stamps and inks I picked up at the very beginning of my papercrafting journey, and this is how they are stored;

And underneath the table, in the middle, is a small cabinet-like piece of furniture that I picked up at another garage sale (loving all the un-coordinating furniture, right? ;)) in which I store, in alphabetical order, the rest of my cards - it's getting pretty stuffed in there now!

and than, my room as a whole...or half, I should say, since it only occupies half of this spare room.

The little blue cubicle on the desk there is what holds my clear stamps, but it looks better from the front - trust me. ;)

So that's pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed this little 'tour' and I would LOVE it if you would take pictures of yours and link them up! I always have so much fun looking at other gals scrapping spaces! :)

Thanks and hugs!


  1. thanks for the tour of your crafting space! =)

  2. Thanks so much for the tour of your space! I love seeing where you create your masterpieces, Clare! I'm glad you have such a nice space so you can keep churning out your gorgeous cards for all of us to enjoy! HUGS and happy crafting!

  3. Thanks for the peek into your craft room! Lovely seeing where you work your magic!! i should get some pics of mine and scrapbook it, it would be fun to see what it looked like a couple of years from now:-)

  4. Wow, I just started crafting and my stock is pretty measly compared to yours. Amazing what you can accomplish with all of this. Love your work.


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