Throwback Thursday // Best Card Ever

A throwback to one of the best cards I've ever made, circa June 2013.


You may think, "what? This is definitely NOT one of the best cards I've seen!"
But yet, it is.
You know why?
Because it is chocolate milk scented.

You read that right.

So, the backstory:
My sister kept bugging me to watch a movie with her one night while I was in the midst of making this card. I agreed, but on the condition she make me a cup of chocolate milk, to which she readily complied.
Chocolate milk made, she set the cup down on the desk where my laptop was sitting (you know where this is going).
I, unsuspecting, turned around to look at my laptop, scattering the contents of the cup all over the laptop, desk, and this card.
After a brief panic concerning the laptop (which surprisingly wasn't much for the worse), I checked on the card and sadly tossed it next to my trashbin upon seeing how it was soaked.

Next morning, I look down, and the card dried up perfectly, while retaining a nice chocolate smell.
So yes, this card is the best ever. ;)

This card was inspired by THIS pin.

Edited to add: my PC went downhill FAST after this incident, so much so that after having an HP Envy for three years, I now have to buy a Mac. So, I wouldn't recommend the spilling-chocolate-on-the-laptop part of this technique. Just stick with the paper. ;)

Cardstock: Canson
Patterned paper: Crate Paper "Storyteller"
Stamps: Hero Arts "Typewriter"
Ink: Tim Holtz
Other: Glossy Accents, chocolate milk

Tools: heart punch


  1. What a fun story, Clare, I love it! Chocolate milk scented.......the possibilities are endless. Can you work on a peanut butter cup scent next? :))

  2. Wow, YUM!! Love your share, Clare! Happy Thursday!

  3. Haha! Well, I'm sorry about the computer, Clare, but how awesome that this fabulous card wasn't ruined and smelled like chocolate! I'm sure you will be starting a new trend now!! Hugs, Darnell


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