Project Thursday {Cherish Take Two}

I've hope you've had an awesome week so far - I'm excited to have you here as I show you my second take on the 'cherish every moment' stamp!
Like I said in my first post on the blog, this sentiment from Positive Thoughts is awesome for graduation cards, and, as I also mentioned, I need so many in the summer!
So here's my second take on the 'cherish' sentiment, as well on the hearts...

To create this border, I sewed (without thread) down the paper, making sure the holes were very close together so I could rip the edge off like in a real notebook.
Then, I punched holes in the side, cut little slits, and oila! Notebook edge looking border!

Butterflies (representing growth), notebook edge, paperclip, sentiment - everything fits the graduation occasion perfectly! And to make it more appealing to the recipient, you could change up the colors to that of the school colors!

Finally, for the butterflies, I just stamped two hearts together to make wings. You may notice the Positive Thoughts stamp set only has one solid heart, so when using the smaller outline hearts, I just added glue to the inside as well with a paintbrush. Here's a video on how I did the glitter...

Thanks so much for stopping in with me today, and have an awesome weekend!


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