Die cut maina

I love die cuts.
I really do.
Like really.
I tend to use them as background pieces though, so today I challenged myself to not only use die cuts as a focal point, but to use a LOT of them!
So, tell me, how do you think I did?

I just realized the main sentiment looks kinda like 'nello' instead of 'hello' with the string right there - lol! 
Anyways, I thought a matching envelope was in order - sometimes I spend so much time making a card, I forget to decorate its carrier!
So here's what I did...
On the back flap (where you'd lick to stick!)

And on the front, right before where you'd write the address...

 I didn't stick the letters on the outside (for fear they'd peel off in the shipping process) - I used the negative, and placed some patterned paper behind it.
For illustration purposes...


And one last thing - I had to peel back the back flap of the envelope so I could die cut the 'to' without cutting all the way to the back. It's super simple to just stick it back together when you're done!

Thanks so much for stopping in with me today and have a blessed one!

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  1. Cute card, Clare! Love the alphabet letters and fun, playful feel! Your envelope makes it even more special for the recipient! :)

  2. You did awesome! Love it! So fun and great use of dies!

  3. very cleverly done Clare. You are so talented.

  4. How cool! I might have to "borrow" this one..love your card and envelope!


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