Wedding post!

...no, not me! ;) I know I've been blabbering a lot on here about my two siblings weddings, so I thought I'd show you some pics relating to them!
First, the invites I designed/supervised for my sisters wedding (since I've promised to share them)

My sis's main flower is the rose, so we did that for the invite - PTI's rose stamp set was the only one we could find that was big enough, so we used that.
Step one (after printing eighty-five invites, which is a whole 'nother story!): Stamp rose on each invite with pink ink - I happened to have Rangers 'Worn Lipstick', so we went with that.
I did most of these...

Step two: Heat emboss - what was I thinking?!
We had a little assembly line going - I stamped over the rose again with glue ink...

Here is the soon-to-be-bride adding the embossing powder - we didn't like any of the pink embossing powders we saw, so we just went over the stamped image with clear power.

A pic of the line we had going...

Junior bridesmaid (my youngest sister) doing the embossing - took her awhile to get used to the whole embossing thing, but she did get the hang of it!

And oila! Invites done! I originally planned to have two leaves coming out, but after the whole embossing thing, the bride decided that she wasn't up for that. ;) It might just be me, but I think she appreciates my crazy little addiction a bit more now. ;)

 And look! Only one burnt invite! Haha! ;)

If you can stand some more pics, here are some from the bridal shower we had on Sunday (thanks - my throat was/is much better! :))
Here is the cake - a teapot, since my sister loves tea.

And some cupcakes to go with it. So yummy!

But even with all this sugary goodness, I think my favorite was this delicious fruit salad - all the berries were at their peak (well, for store bought, anyways), and it was super good!

Setting up the tea table - sorry for the terrible pic! The lighting was affecting this camera something bad!

And my beautiful sis opening up the bridesmaids present to her. It was too funny, because when she first took out the card and posed for the picture, she was holding it upside down! I started laughing and told her it wasn't positioned right, and then she flipped it again - to its side! She had to turn it around and really look at it to get the positioning right. ;)

Anyways, that's about it for now - thanks for putting up with all the pictures and I hope you enjoyed looking through them! :)


  1. AW... what a fun and sweet post, Clare! I love the invites (only one got burned-not bad at all!). The design is fab! I know the embossing was a lot to do, but I think you made the right choice in embossing the rose image. The embossing really makes the images so much more vibrant and vivid! Looks like you all had a fabulous tea time (that tea cake looks delicious!!). TFS!!

  2. Fun post, Clare! Great photos and love the invites! So beautiful! That teapot cake is amazing! Sounds like a fun party!

  3. I love the invitations! My brother is getting married soon so I will be making invitations too soon! :> You did a great job! :> Love that tea pot, too cute! Looks like your enjoying wedding planning!

  4. thanks for sharing Clare. You certainly did a great job on the invitations. They look lovely.

  5. Oh goodness, thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pics, Clare! I love that PTI rose you chose, it's perfect and that you kept the design simple is important, too! Beautiful teapot, everything turned out so fun and festive looking!

  6. Oh Clare, the invites are GORGEOUS!! Congrats to your sister, this must be SO exciting!! One of my BFF's just got married May 28th and I had the absolute BEST time making and creating for the wedding!!

  7. beautiful invites! and thanks for sharing all the photos, i had so much fun seeing and reading them! i didn't think it was a cake at first, but that tea pot cake is fabulous! so glad to hear that you had fun!

  8. Wow Clare the invitations are stunning. So crisp and clean on that white. Amazing. Looks like the shower was a success. And yummy too! You look a little like your sister I think, such a lovely lady! Thanks for sharing with us a little of your life. So great to see.


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