ALL SOLD! Thank you so much, everyone!!!

I'm going to be moving! (again!) So that means I have to send off a lot of product that isn't getting any love from me - everything here has gotta go!

Small priority box #1 and #2: SOLD

Medium priority boxes: SOLD

Flat rate envelopes #1 and #2: SOLD

I'm not trying to make a profit here - any costs are there to partially pay for the what I paid for the stamps originally (at full price), and to cover any time/gas/packing materials I spend getting the bundle ready for you. Also, a big reason why I don't charge much is because some of the stamps were given to me as part of design team work (i.e, a My Monthly Hero exclusive stamp set/die), and so that passes on to you free of charge. :)

PayPal friends & family. Free Shipping! Leave me a comment here or e-mail me if you'd like one!
E-mail me at ctprezzia15@gmail.com for questions.

NOTE FOR HERO ARTS STAMPS: The stamps that I am selling are ones that I won/purchased, not stamps that I have been Hero Arts provided me with to create projects as part of their Creative Team - any creative team provided stamps are just added into the boxes and envelopes rather hackey sack as a little bonus, since I'm not using them and would like them to have loving homes. ;)


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  2. I will take the Med flat rate #1. Taniesa@mac.com

  3. And #2. Can you confirm and I can send PayPal to you for both.

  4. If there is a small box left I'm interested.

  5. In the flat rate envelopes. Are the stamp sets mostly hero arts? If so I am interested. I am thinking of a 30 Day RAK so I NEED GIVEAWAYS 😜. @stampingtherapy


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