Project Thursday {Pretty Packaging}

You know, when I first started crafting, I'll admit I thought the whole 'dressing up present/packaging' thing was a little dumb. I mean, why waste your time dressing up a package that the recipient is just going to rip through?
Since then, I've changed my mind. For one reason, I like to dress up things - it's just so darn fun! Secondly, the recipients usually save the packaging and really treasure it!

So here's a present for my sister (who's birthday is coming up soon), all dolled and prettied up using the Calender stamp set.

Her birth date...

I went with a lot of pink because it's her favorite color, even though I know the style of the packaging (shabby) isn't her favorite. Hey, I did say one reason I dress packaging up now I because I like it. ;)

Open the package up and you get a cute little owl whose wings spread open to reveal a little clock on his tummy!

Well, that's it for me today! I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Now who wouldn't be delighted with such a beautifully packaged and adorable gift!!!! Jo x

  2. Nicely done!! Your beautiful packaging makes the gift even more special!

  3. Gorgeous packaging!!! She is going to love it!

  4. gorgeous packaging Clare. Love the soft vintage look with all the pinks and whites.

  5. Love your project, Clare! Just gorgeous! And sorry that I spell you r name wrong on the PC blog hop. (I got too excited!!)!


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