hello there!

The posting has been halted lately due to a couple things, such as Lent, a darn paper (you might find this ironic with the way I chat on here, but I hate writing papers!), some family over, school, a possible trip to Europe- yes, you read that right! A trip to Europe! Wohoo!

Details on that later, since I supposedly gave up blogging for Lent {sigh}, but I had to stop in and tell you that the GCD Studios design team call ends in five days! If you love their products {and after seeing the 2012 Winter line-up, who doesn't like them at least a little bit?}, and haven't applied already, do it now!
Heidi is so nice, as is the rest of the team, and you get to work with lots of those pretty papers! Unfortunately, this is call is for US applicants only, but, if you still want a chance at getting some pretty papers free, then join THIS blinky contest!

And because I don't want to post this without a card, here's my favorite one I made for the booth, using Splendor.

The bird is so sparkly pretty, which doesn't show well in the pic.

Well, thanks for stopping in and have a blessed day!


  1. What a great card, Clare.. Hope your trip to Europe comes off. That will such fun.

  2. Clare this is so pretty....I love that amazing bird and great paper...love this combo..

    I agree writing papers is not fun...but I am sure you are glad that it is done.. :)

  3. Beautiful card! Sending my app. for the team today, very nervous :}

  4. Gorgeous! Really love that sweet bird, you always come up with the softest and luscious designs with pp and stamping combined!

  5. Clare, what a beautiful card. You put me to shame...I thought about giving up blogging for Lent but then I decided against it...too hard! Maybe next Lent.

  6. simply beautiful! this is such a pretty card, Clare! love it!


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