A bloggy break

...just cuz making invitations for my sisters wedding, planning her bridal shower, working on SSC and GCD Studio assignments, finishing school up, working, playing volleyball with two teams, helping my brother with his wedding, and all the other little things of life are, well, kinda stressing me out enough as it is.
Plus, I need a break from the computer itself - I hate staring at this screen so long - it gives me headaches at times, and I'm not sure if it's affecting my eyesight a bit as well.
When I get back to blogging (which hopefully won't be too far from now), I'll have loads to share with you - actually, I do right now, but just not the time to do it.
So, see ya in awhile!


  1. No worries Clare - sounds like you've got lots to keep you busy anyhow ;)
    Take care of yourself and we'll see you soon! Hugs, Ruth S

  2. ENJOY your break, Clare! And meanwhile, I will work on the "stuff" and hopefully have some to share with you when you are back!!

  3. Aw...take care girly, I know how it is sometimes!! Have fun with all the wedding planning, can't wait to hear all about it when you come back!

  4. Wow...you ARE busy! Good luck taking care of business...we'll look forward to when you have some free time to blog agin!

  5. Take care Clare... it sounds like you might be over doing it .... take some time to rest and recuperate and enjoy the weddings... Hugs Dawn

  6. Enjoy the break and have fun with all of the activities! Good luck with school, too ;)


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