I just love all those ones - I scheduled this post for 1:11 pm for more ones. Come November 11th, I hope to have a 11/11/11 post at 11:11...that is, if I can remember! ;)

So, anyways, my promised 'eleven elevens'

Eleven inspiring artists (in no particular order)
  1. Sarah Martina
  2. Laurie Willison
  3. Ashey Newell
  4. Alice Wertz
  5. Lisa Spangler
  6. Kryssi Nygi
  7. Jenn Biederman
  8. JooJoo (Afsaneh)
  9. Carole
  10. Jill Foster
  11. My knitting sister! No blog though ;)

Eleven cute/favorite photos
  1. Beautiful snail
  2. Sweet bunny
  3. Yummy looking ellies
  4. Adorable pandas
  5. Llama!!
  6. Weirdly cute alien 
  7. Pretttttyyy necklace
  8. Cute hat - gorgeous model
  9. A cross-stitched Mr. Pringle...?
  10. Another elephant!
  11. 'Tweet' earrings
Eleven favorite products/companies/lines
  1. Doilies
  2. Websters Pages bloomers
  3. Seam binding
  4. Mulberry roses
  5. October Afternoon  - name any collection, I love it
  6. Crate 'Restoration'
  7. Hero Arts stamps
  8. Tim Holtz ink
  9. The Girls Paperie
  10. Butterfly punches
  11. Pearls
Eleven favorite cards (that are not undergoing publication)

    Whew! That was a LOT of elevens!

    Now would you mind playing along and leaving a comment with just one;
    inspiring artist
    favorite photo

    Thanks so much for stopping in and have a fabulous day! :)


      1. Thanks for sharing those magnificent elevens! Jo x

      2. happy 1.11.11!!! =) that is so fun indeed! =) love your lists of 11's and i adore your beautiful simple style, girl! always enjoy visiting your blog! =) looking forward to seeing more in 2011!

      3. LOVE your 11 cards! All of them are delightful and sweet!

      4. I love all of your cards but you know that first on is my favorite!!!! Thanks so much for the little shout out on your list! So sweet!! Can't wait to see more of you FAB creations this year!

      5. Fun post, Clare! Love all your lists of elevens!

      6. Enjoyed your elevens list and LOVE your cards. My fav stamps are HA and cheapo $1 ones you get at Michael's and Joann's.

      7. Stunning cards Clare! I can't stop scrolling through them and admiring each and every one. Love them!

      8. Beautiful line up of inspiration! Love them all, espcially the first and the shabby Christmas card!


      Thank you so much for taking time to leave me a comment - it is always much appreciated. :)