Doodle bird

Just thought I'd pop in to let some of you know I am still here; I lost my mojo for about a week or two, and so I was too sad to post anything. I made a CAS this morning which I hope (fingers crossed!) has gotten me back on track, and though I won't share it with you today, I will share a card I made last night...without my mojo. {sigh}

I doodled the background, which was surprisingly fun. I usually don't doodle, because, well, I can never think of anything to doodle. However, with my October Afternoon Shape Stickers by me, I had enough inspiration and so doodled away. Simply added the bird and little note (which I also doodled), placed it on the card base, and oila. This card is just for/like me - a little sketchy, can be bland at times, but sometimes, randomly, I'll pop in with something fun.
Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. This is sweeter than sweet! Love your penciled doodles! AWESOME!

  2. too cute!! you should doodle more! seriously!! i LOVE your doodled background!! fabulous card!!

  3. Very cute Clare, I love that doodling. So fresh & fun, it makes me smile :)

  4. This is so delightful, so sweet and very charming! I hear you about losing our mojo's! Your work is great and I know your mojo will always bounce back quickly, you're so creative!

  5. How I just love your doodled background! Awesome!

  6. Oh this is just the sweetest! And that you made it without your mojo is hard to believe!


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