Handknit shawl giveaway


Thanks for all the sweet, kind comments you have left me throughout the week - cardmaking wise I'm feeling fine, but everything else is just crazy, so those helped calm me down. :)

And now...
check out what my sister made..(yes, more bragging)

On a person (yours truly):

Don't you just love the dogwood?

So why am I showing this to you? Because my sweet sister gave this shawl to me, and since I'm not much of a shawl/pink person, I want to give it away to one of you! All you have to do is leave a comment, though you can get an extra entry by becoming a follower (if you do, let me know in your comment). Not too much to ask for a free beautiful handknit shawl, I hope. :) I'll leave this open for two weeks (Sunday, May 16th) FYI, the yarn is acrylic, though it isn't scratchy.

Well, tournament tomorrow, so I'd appreciate it if you'd say a prayer my team does well. :)



  1. Hey hun! How beautiful is that shawl! Love love love the colour! Ooo I can so see myself wearing it:) I am a follower too:) Hugs, Rowena

  2. What a beautiful shawl! you look so lovely wearing it are you sure you wouldn't rather keep it yourself????? Good luck for tomorrow, and I love the new look blog! Jo x

  3. And she agrees that you give away the shawl she made?! YOu have a cool sister! ;-) Please, don't enter me in the giveaway, I'm not a pink shawl person either (although I find it's a great job she did!)

  4. That is beautiful! And good luck on your tournament!

  5. what a beautiful shawl!! love the variegated colors! YUM! =) Good luck on your tournament!!!

  6. Hey beautiful girl.. I love seeing photo's of you.. that shawl is beautiful .

  7. I already follow by RSS feed--but I made it official by following on the side:) Super pretty:)

  8. WOW--what a sweet sister:) And that is a beautiful shawl!! BEAUTIFUL!


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