Have an egg


Thanks all for the sweet words yesterday! My sister really appreciates it. And your comments about me looking like a model (of all things!) made me laugh. ;)

Today, I still don't have a card to show you, but something crafty related. Awhile ago, my friend Alice posted THIS adorable little candy dispenser on her blog and I fell in love. However, I already had a little plastic dispenser that I had been waiting to redecorate, so I took her adorable post and used it to motivate me to finally redecorate this dispenser.

Here, take an egg or two. ;)

Had all these arrow stickers I was really itching to use up, so I had them all point to the little scoop (though I usually don't use it).

So, whaddya think? Cute? I picked it up at a garage sale for ten cents (it has been thoroughly washed now), and it has been collecting dust since last summer. I'm finally putting it to good use, but keeping out of reach of certain little peoples who would gobble it up quicker than you could say "thatsmycandy!". ;)

Also, one last thing - do you like this Blogger layout more than the one I was using? I just hate having my pictures cropped by the small size of the other layout, but it could just be me. Please let me know! 

Thanks for popping in! 


  1. how cute is this?? I LOVE your REAL candy dispenser!!! I so want one of those! it makes me happy just looking at it! thank you so much for sharing! I do love the bigger photos of this format since it's such a treat to see your gorgeous cards BIG!! =)


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