The Golden Door of Freedom

This might be a rather long post - I'm warning you right now, but I'm going to try in cut it into half. :)

I am SO happy that is finally started snowing here! And not a short flurry either...here is the view from the craft room...

{the snow, it is snowin', and the wind, it is blowin'...}

The one thing that makes me sad about the snow; now I can't take pics outside! Yes, I like going outside and taking pics there, because that's where the best light comes from. So, for the next pic, I just had to deal with putting the bookmark by a large window. I'm not a fan of the shadows....

The bookmark I made as a Christmas present for a friend of mine, who is a history teacher...I think Russian history...I'm not exactly sure. Anyways, I had this really cool key charm, and I was reading an issue of some papercrafting magazine that had a bunch of quotes with the word "key". So, I just couldn't resist.

Challenges;  Whimsy Stamp, Three Clovers Designs, Quixotic Challenges, Little Red Wagon, and Creative Belli (the base of the bookmark is chipboard). 

{"Education is the key to the golden door of freedom"}

 {- George Washington Carver [for me, the guy who made peanut butter!]}

and a closeup of that key I love....(Making Memories Vintage Collection)

Supplies: K&Company, scrap white paper, twine, key charm, Old Navy tag.

It is a very simple bookmark, but I realize, from experience, if you make a bookmark too bulky (like adding charms onto the part that goes into the book), then it'll leave a mark on the pages. But hopefully the simplicity of this bookmark works.
I typed up (did I mention I love typewriters?) the words, cut 'em out and stuck 'em on.  Then put the twine through the hole, and knotted it. The chipboard base of this bookmark is actually a tag from Old Navy; looking at the tag on the jeans I bought, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

A problem I encountered taking these pics; I was thinking "how am I gonna keep the bookmark up?". You see, I'm not too talented when it comes to bringing in other objects and making everything look splendid together...my attempts at this look more like a mess. So finally, I got an idea; these little guys...

{Bloo on left, Doggy on right)

The silly Doggy was too busy playing to help me much (he's actually not that great for balancing things against, but you didn't hear that from me), but Bloo was. Of course, they both wanted to be recognized for their (Bloo's) hard work, so here it is...

You can read a short story about these little buggers here.

Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my momentary nonsensicalness. ;)



  2. Very cool! I love bookmarks but I have never actually made one. Thanks for joining us at Little Red Wagon!

  3. What a terrific project! Thanks for playing along at Little Red Wagon.

  4. How cute. Thanks for joining in at LRW!

  5. great project! Thanks for playing with us at the Belli challenge

  6. Beautiful, beautiful blog. I have only just made my first cards, and I am trying no to look at yours too full on as I am worried that i will get sucked into the craft and have to split up with my lovely boyfriend just so I can take over his office and fill it full of greetings card making supplies...


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