DT call!

Hey all!

I'm sure you might be wondering why I haven't posted in awhile; simple, my camera has taken it's last shot. :( I don't know how long I'll be out...I'm waiting for my check to come from the local fair.

But, good news! Simply Scrapping is looking for some new Design Team members! Here's the link, except the call is open till the end of November.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to participate in our weekly sketch, go here. For more fun, join our online community!

Also, I'm thinking about having a giveaway here soon, so you might want to stick around. You may want to give me some ideas, such as "I'd love to see Making Memories included in the giveaway". ;)

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  1. Clare - I'm so sorry about your camera, that stinks... hope you can replace it soon so we can see more of your yummy creations!!! [hugs] ~ Arielle


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