Ships and shoes and sealing wax....

Hey all!
Another quickie...since I'll probably be posting every day this week (for the Caardvarks Bash), and I've got some pretty full days ahead, the posts this week will likely all be quick ones.
This card is for Monday's Caardvark Sketch...

Supplies: Cardstock, chipboard, ribbon, Martha Stewart stickers, gems, scrap paper.

I was going to do the card border like I did yesterday, but it didn't look right, and I'm already sick of that "postage stamp" border. lol....maybe took me 20 minutes to put this one together...
I'm thinking it could be used for a little'uns birthday or for a baby boy...

Oh, and sorry I didn't get a close-up...I was cutting it close to departure time as was when I remembered.

That scent of freshly baked bread wandered throughout the house today...mmm mmm! So soft and fluffy too! Wish I could share the recipe, but it's one of those 'secret family recipes'. ;) I know, they can be annoying....my brothers girlfriend had this recipe for delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies...don't know if that is very appetizing to yinz, but for our family, it's just heaven! But gosh darn it, it's one of those 'secret' recipes. :( If you have any suggestions for a recipe like that, don't be afraid to shout it out! After all the time spent on the computer looking for a good substitute, I'm thinking the only time I'll be able to have cookies like that is when she brings them...

Ah well, hope your day has been as nice and breezy as ours! :)


  1. Cute cute cute ... love the clean design.

  2. this is brilliant and BEAUTIFUL! i love the perfectly clean, perfectly simple design that is somehow, miraculously, not-at-all "plain"!!! (how do ya DO THAT??!?) :)

  3. Very cute design. Fantastic Caardvarks sketch challenge card.

  4. Love it, the cool colors and clean design is stellar!


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