Nothing new, just old favorites

Hi all, nothing new today; just bringing up old favorites because.... the ABC blog is looking for some DT members! Yeah!
Now, it was tough, but I finally managed to pic three out of my many faves. And you know, looking over my gallery made me realize,...how much better I've gotten at taking pics! Seriously, my old ones are SOOO bad! lol
So here are my faves...so far...;)

You know, that mean ol' sun hid himself away almost as quick as he'd shown himself just Sunday! grr...because of him, I've got no good light to take pictures of my most recent cards, so I can show you. :(
The weather round these here parts is prett-ee chilly! We walking around the house all bundled up! I wouldn't mind it so much if I could just smell fall in the air...but it smells like winter, and for me, it's way too early! Oh well...hopefully it will warm up soon...and Mr. Sun will come out. :)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Lovely cards!
    Thanks for entering our DT call - good luck!
    Helen x


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