Throwback THURSday!

Nothing new today - just playing along with my friends Pryn and Maureen. Pryn came up with this fun, crazy idea of posting old projects on Tuesdays. 
It's not Tuesday, but I'm doing this now so I don't forget, and because I don't have anything new to share with you. :)

This is the oldest pic I have right now (9 or 11 months), but I did delete other ones from over a year ago because they were so horrendous. ;)

This photo isn't actually half bad, though the card itself is a little on the crummy side. This is the yuckiest you'll get out of me, Pryn! ;)

You know that news I was hinting at? I'm gonna wait till Tuesday to tell you, because then I'll have some new photos to show you.
Aren't you just dying of suspense? ;)


  1. Yay, Clare!!! But...this isn't even bad. I think it's really cute actually!!
    Come on, I showed everyone my random pepperoni!!

  2. That is so not bad! So what's the news? I can't stand waiting.... ; (

  3. The yuckiest I will get? That isn't yucky at all!!!! It is down right adorable!!! That little frog is just the cutest!!! Thank you for playing along :) I am going to have to start doing some RAK's to get things really jumping (sorry for the frog pun...lol). Dig up some more my sistah...a new post is going up today! Speaking of today....it is Tuesday, so what's the news chickie???? I already know some news about you and it is AWESOME stuff!!!!! Waiting to to see the pics you are sharing...I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

  4. I think it's cute too... so go digging for something better?..great fun


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