Just in time for Black Friday....

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile - Life's at it again! ;) Anyways, I have an extremely long post to make up for it, and if you can make it past all this, than I have a little surprise waiting for you at the end.

As many of you know (or will, after reading this! ;)), one of my sisters knits and crochets, and I take photos of some of her creations, and then often share them with you. You may also know that we have a joint sister-shop over at Etsy, HERE. Maria's creations have sold out fast and now she's adding more just in time for the holidays, but I wanted to let you in on something.
We're running a special promo where, with every purchase (that includes my cards), you will be entered for a chance to win an owl in any color you want, provided Maria has the color - she has a very wide selection. Plus, followers of my blog can get a special 10% off discount (does not apply to shipping) by e-mailing me (HERE). You must be a follower for the coupon, so make sure you give me your google reader name.
The coupon will expire two weeks after I get the first request, while the contests ending time has yet to be determined. 

Okay, so now onto some pics of an owl that you could be entered to win. This particular owls name is Isabel, and is going to be sent off to a friend of mine soon, but is basically what the giveaway owl will look like, except maybe in different colors.

And the Maria's latest project, which is available for sale HERE.

Congrats! You made it to the (almost) end of this post! Now for that little surprise!
I have been posting pictures of Maria's animals and creatures here for a while, and thought it would be a good time to just make up another blog solely for those pictures. That blog is Knitted Tales and for the first post, I have a little photographic story for you. :) I will be adding more pictures of Hadley and Isabel later.

Thanks for sticking with me this far, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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