My Lil' Ol' Froggy

Hey, all! So here's the latest card;

Also based off the CPS sketch, but I made this one, not my sister. Personally, I like hers better, but I still think my "Lil' Ol' Froggy" is pretty darn cute. Don't you?
Now, I gotta let you know something. I posted my first froggy card on flikr, and when I posted the close-up it was all blurry. I simply could not figure out how to get detail to show on the pictures. Anyways, some one posted something about a button on the camera, that usually had a flower beside it, that is meant for picking up detail. Well, I checked it out, and guess what? It works! Yeah! So now you can expect cleaner, more detailed pictures from me in the future. :D

I am so excited because tonight I'm going to play REAL volleyball for three straight hours. I mean, how awesome is that?! Oh, and before I go, my sisters and I are going to beat our brothers in outside volleyball...again. lol They have yet to win a series.


  1. That's quite a cute card :) I should get into cardmaking - I had fun making a valentine for the Teens Knit and Crochet Valentines' card and candy swap. It was just a simple heart-pasted-on-square with cardstock and a gluesick, but it turned out okay.

  2. I luv UR froggy!! What is he made with?


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